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One of the most necessisary and important things that you will do while you are emulating is adding Macintosh files and programs to a disk image. (See An Introduction to HFV Explorer on how to make a disk image) This section will instruct you on how to accomplish that task.


1) Open HFV Explorer.

2) Open the disk image that you plan to add the program or file to.

3) Click on the drive icon for the drive that contains the file or program, then navigate to where you saved the file or downloaded the program.

4) Select the file or program and drag it to the disk image's icon.

5) When prompted for Select Copy Mode, select Automatic, let the program decide and check off Check for AppleDouble (if it's not already checked off) and click OK or OK to All.

6) Congradulations! Now the program or file is on the disk image. If the program is a Control Panel, place it in the Control Panels section of your System Folder. If it was an extention, place it in the Extentions part of your System Folder.