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Looking backward...

A Really Brief History

The problem has always been that Apple is more innovative that IBM. PCs cannott read Mac disks because Mac disks are designed with varying speeds so more can fit on a disk. Wintels run at one speed. People have always been frustrated that the AT at work couldn't read files from their Apple IIe at home, or that their project was saved on one of the school's new Mac Plusses and they were stuck with a PS/2 at home. Thus the emulation business started up. First, emulators were 'hard emulators', meaning that you had to buy a board with Mac ROMS and plug it into your PC to run the emulator. But, with vMac, the 'soft emulator' revolution begen. It uses a captured ROM image from a Mac (THAT YOU OWN!) to run. vMac was the only free emulator for a while, until Basilisk II. Then Fusion was made free. And WORM came along. However, poor vMac hasn't been updated in a year and a half and is now somewhat outdated, but is still very good in many ways.

My Background

I work with computers alot. When I'm not working with them, I'm screwing with them. A friend convinced me to get Linux. I got a skimped down little version. He then told me that I could not only run Windows programs with Linux-based emulators, but Mac programs, too! I gave up on Linux and concentrated on Emulation. I had a hard time at first gathering all thet I needed to begin with, so I started this page over a year later as a service to all who wish to begin emulating.