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Download Center

Classic Mac software for your emulator to run and utilities to make emulating easier

Boot Disks

Macintroid's vMac Booter

A speedy little copy of System 6.0.8 (North American English) with legit copies of ResEdit 0.8, MacWrite 2.20, MacDraw 0.9 and MacPaint 1.5 as well as a copy of TeachText. Unzips to 1.44 MB.

E-Maculation's MacOS 7.5.5 starter disk

A great starter disk (one of my favorites) that includes MacOS 7.5.5 and the Stuffit Expander 5 installer. Unzips to 9 MB.

From the vMac Application Site (VAS)

Go to the new vMac Application Site!

These files now have their own web site!

Windows Utilities to Make It Easier to Emulate a Macintosh

HFV Explorer

This is a REQUIRED TOOL of emulating. It makes blank hardfiles (disk images), which your emulated Mac thinks is a disk or hard disk. For help on using HFV Explorer, see the help section.



Glider is a simple game: get the glider from one side of the screen to the other, without hitting talbes and such. It's hard though. It is a good example of early Mac graphics.

Orion Space Simulator

Pilot a spaceship through solar systems. Think Flight Simulator for outer space.


The classic board game. Take on the computer and friends as you advance your armies through the territories to control the world. Relish in your imperialistic glory or cry in your defeat!


A nice little card game

Wolves in the Woods

A crazy game in which you try to keep from geeting mauled by a pack of pretty hungry wolves.

Star Roids

It's astroids, with better graphics and lacking the world famous, copyrighted title

Essential Utilities & Development Tools


Make System 7 look like OS 8

Chipmunk BASIC

An old-fashioned BASIC interpreter. Those who used IBM-BASIC or MS-BASIC way back in 1981 will feel right at home.

Stuffit Expander 3.5.1 BINARY

THIS IS A MUST! It is needed to unpack many files from this site (though most must be unzipped in Windows first). YOU NEED THIS!

Stuffit Expander 4.0.2

A more recent version of Stuffit Expander (for files that 3.5.1 won't unstuff). NOTE: In a wonderful example of irony, THIS IS IN STUFFIT FORMAT. YOU NEED STUFFIT 3.5.1 TO 'UNSTUFF' IT!


A nice virus scanner. It's a must-have for any Mac emulation.

Mountimage 1.2b2

A program for your extentions folder. It makes your Mac think that the Apple disk images (such as those included with the HyperCard distribution available here) are real disks. It comes in really handy alot.

HyperCard 1.2.5

The classic tool for creating HyperCard Stacks. In vintage version 1.2.5! It is in the form of three Apple disk images, so you need Mountimage to make the Mac think that they are real disks.

Creator Changer

Changes the creator information of a program.


Can put Apple disk images onto disks, create Apple disk images and mount Apple disk images that Mountimage can't


Can make "fat" type PowerPC applications run on your 68k Mac emulator.


Resource Editor- Apple's very own hacking utility.

System Extentions and Control Panels


Control Panel- it improves the functionality of your Apple menu.

Macintalk 3

Control Panel & Extentions- (Minimized version) Make your [emulated] Mac talk! Works on System 6 and up.

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

Print Shop

A really old version of the classic banner, calender, letterhead and flyer maker

MacWrite 4.6

The best version of the classic Mac word processor. It even comes with a spell-checker!

ClarisWorks 1.0

The essential 68k Mac word processor.

Other Software


Melts your screen.

Babya System 9.1

It's for Windows, but I couldn't resist. It's a parody of Windows and MacOS. Check it out... ;)

All files here (excapt for Risk) are in *.ZIP format. You neet WinZip or PKZIP to open them. PKZIP can be obtained from