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Help Center

Here you will find how to do many things needed to run an emulator. Each topic here is a link to a page which has the information already in a printable form for your convienience.

If you cannot find help to your question here, please e-mail me the problem (see contacts page). I will then add it to my FAQ. Here are the available topics:

About ROM Images

An important lecture to newbies as to what a ROM image is, where one can find help on obtaining one and their legality. NEWBIES READ THIS!

Making a Hardfile (An Introduction to HFV Explorer)

This guides you through the process of making a 20MB disk image and making the image a bootdisk. In the process, you learn some of the basics of HFV Explorer and vMac.

Adding Files and Programs to a Hardfile

A step by step guide on how to add a file or Mac program to a hardfile (disk image).

If it's not here, e-mail me!